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Sarah and the ‘stalker’

Day off? Well evening off. They were making their way to a local bar. Cyn, her Spanish boyfriend,
Paulos with Marcus, Morgan, Rita and Bridge not forgetting; Sarah.

The weather, had turned to a stormy day, with thunder and lightning. The odd, storm; was not uncommon as Paulos was to remark, not unusual at all.

On the path ahead of them, Morgan spied the kids with their dog.

It could be said, that the mutt and Sarah had a mutual dislike for each other. Her cussing and threats to the kids re the mutt, had been noted by it. Not liking the tone of her voice or the intimations made by it, it was struggling.

Restrained, by the somewhat older, than the other kids, male. Meant, it was unable, to get to Sarah, to make a lasting impression on her.

By pure luck, in passing the place, with Marcus stepping out and talking to the kids, it had seen Sarah through the doorway. Ah, so this, was where she had been hiding out?

After Marcus had gone, it had shifted, to leave a deposit on the doorstep, to remind her no doubt, of its affection for her. A pungent reminder that she was not alone.

It had her, in its thoughts, or was it, IT in her thoughts? It was right with its assumption. She had put her foot in the what the Uck? With her flip flop sandal, the smell?! Until she had binned the thing, some distance from where they were, she was not allowed back into the apartment.

A memorable performance, for its encore; a quick stop on the next walk, a day or so later, to leave a deposit, at its convenience. However, the mutt had been caught off guard. Seen by Sarah, she had rushed into the kitchen to return, fling open the door and throw washing up water over it.

Later that day, it had rained and one might have supposed, the mutt had not been impressed, with the amount of soap suds, foaming up all over it. To say it looked like some freak candy floss on legs, ‘whatever the hell is that’ to coin the phrase, from passers by, might spring to mind, both in words and visually.

Thus, no doubt in pet terms, feeling somewhat humiliated? It, was out for some revenge where Sarah was
concerned. A large meal consumed and plenty of roughage, to ensure, it would leave a more than suitable deposit, at the earliest opportunity.

Morgan had not been the only one, to see the kids ahead of them with the dog. 'That mutt', as Sarah liked to call it. The moment their eyes met, the fury, was more than transparent.

It drew back the flesh around its jaws, to bear its teeth. A raw rasp from it, as Sarah decided she would avoid it by stepping into the shadows. Let them pass?

The dog had no intention of losing sight of its prey, it stretched at the leash, as the girl, struggling to hold on to it, felt it torn from her hand, to drop, dragged along the ground? What was the leash, made of? Metal.

As Sarah saw the mutt break free, she felt the rush of adrenalin, probably on the same level as the dog.
Raring to sink its teeth into her?! Suddenly there was a flash. A bright sharp bolt of light that struck the ground?

From the shadows Sarah saw the flash of lightning and the chain bounce? The mutt was struck, as the fur on it flared, a howl and it flipped, yes FLIPPED over.

“Legs in the air straight as a die, I kid you not!” As Bridget was to recall, "Imagine a coffee table, with its four legs, turned over? 4 Straight legs?" She would relish, telling that tale, much to Sarah's disgust, for some time after, she had returned home. A winning party piece.

Sarah, stepped out from the shadows. Took in the sight of the somewhat immobile mutt. Breathed a sigh of relief.

"Don't look like that Sarah. What has that poor dog ever done to you! That poor kid absolutely devastated."

She, was more of the opinion, as to what it might have done, were it not, for as she deemed it, an act of God, that the demented mutt, had been struck. ‘ Justifiable homicide’ sprung to mind. Providence, ah yes.

Marcus ran towards the dog, as the girl screamed. No doubts about it, the dog was not breathing!
Marcus it would appear seemed to know what to do.

His parent, being an animal doctor, a veterinary surgeon to be precise?. He thumped the dogs abdomen several times, pressing hard down, to force the air in and out of the animals lungs?

Several minutes or so it seemed, passed. Nothing! Suddenly the creatures head jerked and it, came back to life!

It moved, attempting to turn, so it could stand on all fours? Helped by Marcus, who shifted the beast, to stand it, one might have said, 'the correct way up!

Stood still, not moving. "OMG!" Howls Cyn. “Its been fried!”

Paulos had the girl in his arms, comforting her.. Seeing her pet brought back to life, she had stopped, much to his relief, crying.

Stood at the front of the dog, Marcus glanced over to Morgan, beckoned him over.

They, were now, stood looking at the dog. The mutt, was still not moving. Totally still. Some of its singed fur, glistening a silvery black.

At least, it had stopped raining and the rumble of the storm, some distance away.

"Not sure, not sure at all. Does it look alright to you?" "The eyes are real weird. Reminds me of those greetings cards you get with those huge black eyes that roll around, you know, big black and well, just plain weird bro."

"Pupils are enlarged. Probably a side effect."

"Well you brought it back from the brink bro, but it still don't look all there. Definitely not all its marbles in the right place. Will it be alright?" Marcus grinned, nudges him. "Hey! Cmon! Look at Sarah, thats without being struck by lightning!”

They, were laughing, whilst whispering? "Gotta a point there bro!" "Zombie?" Morgan looked at Sarah, grinned. "I, wouldn't be that cruel, but now you mention it."

"NO you fool! I meant the dog!" More laughter. The dog was still not moving!

Sarah could see, they, were in conversation, but what were they talking about? She could swear, she had heard, her name mentioned? Carefully she moved closer to them, making sure, she did not, get too close to the dog. "Is it dead?"

Marcus was quick to remind them, it was NOT dead! Perhaps still a little stunned. Sarah, still not convinced, had shifted close, to prod it. Again; nothing.

"Are you SURE its alive?" She looked at them both, a scowl? Glaring at Marcus.

"Why the hell, did you, have to bring the stupid, ugly mutt back!"

"Now, now Sars, that's a little unkind. Try thinking, of more than just Sarah about Sarah, for once."

Unseen by Sarah, the dog had cocked its leg and Marcus, could see, the dog peeing all over Sarah's sandal!
Followed by one horrendous fart. She shifted back, her hand up to her nose. She was not alone re that!

"That is gross! Get it out of here!" They were both grinning! The dog moved, albeit a little unsteady.
Well for a moment or two, before shifting towards the kids.

"Oh yes, it's certainly alive!" They burst out laughing. The girl leaned down, grabbed the chain whilst thanking Marcus.
She stopped to give him a kiss, before they moved off up the hill. They could hear the sound of another loud fart from the dog!Jess Corbin from

They were, much to the relief of those present, who were covering their noses; heading home.
"What the hell do they feed that thing on!" Morgan grinned.

No rain, it had stopped some time since, so why, Sarah howled, was her foot soaking wet? Warm, wet and totally disgusting?

Marcus, took great delight in telling her what he had seen. Falling about laughing. She was a little more descriptive abuse wise of the mutt.

Aware of the kids and that mutt, glancing back at them? Morgan could swear there was a gleam in the dogs eyes.

Sarah shaking her foot, her fist raised at those kids with the mutt, whilst shouting at them. The girl patting the dog and laughing, as were her two companions.

"You keep that ugly mutt, away from me or else...!"

Ten minutes later they were at the apartment. On the doorstep IT, had left Sarah, a sizeable token of its affection. “Bloody hell, I’ve never seen one that big!” “Hell that mutt must love you Sars!”
They, fell about laughing.

“Hey!” Cyn grins. “I just had a thought Sars. You could add it to your list of stalkers.”
More laughter. Sarah glared at them taking care not to step into the hot steaming turd, as she opened the door to the apartment. “Uck you lot!”

As for the smell? Where it was coming from was NOT to reflect upon. Well not for Sarah.
Bridget would recall with great delight the events of that day. “I kid you not.”


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