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The sun was just above the horizon as Torens stood up and moved towards the steps that would take him up to the hotel his Aunt Jenny owned. Newquay. Cornwall.

A holiday of sorts. Jenny was a great cook and had in his school / college holidays, spoilt him!
Her sister, Torens mother worked as a sales representative for a double glazing company.
His father worked on the oil rigs in the North Sea. That meant Torens was often on his own or foisted on Jenny.

The sea air had made him hungry. One certainty was that breakfast she cooked. A feast not to be missed.
“you have the fish.” Torens nodded as he handed her the pack of freshly caught Mackerel.
“Did you give Tom my message?” “Not there. Derek said he would pass the message on for Tom to give you a phone call.”

Closing the refrigerator door, Jenny moved to open the oven, grabbing a pair of oven gloves she carefully removed a plate containing a breakfast minus the fried eggs which she now added before placing it in front of Torens. “Freshly picked mushrooms and home grown tomatoes.”

Luke was Jenny’s son. Some ten years younger than Torens. His breakfast was a bowl of cereal and a few pieces of toast! He grinned as he sat down to pour the milk over his flakes. “I see mom is trying to fatten you up!” Jenny shook her head. “He doesn’t need any persuasion on my part where a decent cooked breakfast is concerned!”

Ignoring her comments, Luke crunched on his flakes, swallowed them back his eyes on Torens. “Can I borrow the Vespa?” Before Torens could answer? “No you can’t! You’re not insured, nor are you old enough! “ “Will be next week on my 17th birthday.”

“Do not!” Jenny poured Torens a mug of tea and placed it in front of him. “Let him use it! I suspect he will not treat it the same way as you do. I noticed this morning when I went into the garage how immaculate it was.”

“Mom!” “Don’t give the doe eyes and the ‘Mom’ look! I see your bicycle still has not had the puncture repaired, slung to one side of the garage in a heap. The chain hanging off and filthy dirty. “

An hour later, Torens had finished some gardening for Jenny. The rose bushes were cut back to encourage new growth and already the ones he had trimmed earlier were showing new buds on them. “You’ve always had, an amazing talent, for pruning when it comes to those rose bushes. Last seasons roses were spectacular. I had guests commenting on how beautiful the blooms were.”

Mid morning coffee was interrupted by the arrival of Terry. “Tea?” “Excellent idea. I’ve some news that may interest you.” Minutes later he was sat sipping on his tea and munching on a biscuit. Finishing his tea he reached into the pocket inside his jacket to remove a piece of paper which he slid in front of Torens.

Gala event. I should be running it. Can’t! They want me to take over as Entertainments manager for the holiday season. Good rates of pay, food, board all inclusive. An opportunity not to be missed! I was going to get Edward to take over the Gala commitments but seeing as you are here?”

Terry had gone. “Don’t tell me. He’s conned you into taking over the Gala event?!” Jenny grinned. “I suppose there is an upside to that. They have an Italian model opening the Gala. Felicity Delucci. Apparently, so I am informed by Luke, confirmed I suspect by the picture I found in his case, of her. Stunning. As the event manager of course, you would automatically get to meet her.”

“Three days, just three days to go!” Luke was sat watching Torens as he wiped over the Vespa.
“You met her ?” “Later on today. Meeting at the Headland Hotel. Lounge bar. Informal meet. Already has the itinerary for the day in question.” “Can you get her autograph!! “ “Not making any promises but, I will try.”

“Roberto.” The tall lean male glanced at Torens. “Torens. A pleasure my friend.”
Following him to sit at a table as his host fetched them drinks. “Felicia will be with us shortly. You know what these women are like my friend. Everything has to be perfect!”

“Stop complaining.” She smiled as she sat down facing Torens. The scent of a soft parfum lingering on his nostrils. Chanel No 5. Leaning back she took a cigarette and lit it, puffed on it. “I will have my usual. Martini with an extra olive.”

Stood up at the bar, Roberto was in conversation with the girl who was putting together Felicia’s drink. Speaking French. Though Torens could speak French it was NOT her dulcet tones that had his attention.

The first time he had ever met an Italian female. Perceptions? How she would look, be? Few women he had met compared to her. Beautiful. Not just in looks but etiquette, mannerism. Coupled with that soft rasp from her vocal chords as she spoke, the Italian accent stealing upon his senses. Erotic, sensually delicious undertones.

Deep dark eyes, lush lips and a body that had him squeezing his thighs together. Trying to prevent or control what was a force of nature rising to the occasion. Trying to assert itself. Was there a smirk on her lips? A sense that she was more than aware of his disposition? His fingers rearranging the belt on his trousers, adjustment to restrain.

“As you like it.” Some relief with Roberto and her Martini. The cigarette extinguished she takes hold of the cocktail stick and removing it from the glass, the olive on the end glistens as she raises it to her lips, slides it along them and in between them. Sucking on it.

Her tongue with the olive resting on it, as she slides it under the olive now partially exposed, resting on the tip of her tongue, a few seconds of holding it there before sucking the olive back. Movement of the olive pulled out, back in, out. Transfixed on her glossy lips as she opened them wider, still moving the olive, across her tongue.

“Willl you stop it!” A second female. Lucia had joined them. “You can be such a tease girl! “ Roberto introduced Torens to her. “I’m her personal assistant, for my sins.” Drinks followed with sandwiches and the meeting concluded, Torens was somewhat relieved to leave.

Stood next to the Vespa, he had not seen Felicia creep up on him. “Belissimo ! Vespa just like I have at home in Roma!” Shoving past him, she was now sat on it. “Love the color! I think you should take me for a ride on it.”
Tomorrow? A picnic? What the?! She was NOT taking no for an answer!

The next morning Jenny noticed how eager he was to be elsewhere. A gleam in his eyes. “Tell me more.” Was met with a stubborn refusal to tell her anything. Despite having been co-hearsed into putting together an excellent picnic basket that also included a fine quality wine. Feicia Ves[a

“The Italian model.” Drake her husband had laughed. “Can you honestly see Torens with a babe like her.”
Jenny had glared at him. “What do you mean, like her?” Luke a few minutes later had sold him out. “Dad did like the picture I have of her mom.

Said she was bloody gorgeous, wouldn’t mind a .. .” His words had tailed off having decided the slap his dad was getting, with howls from him. Denials falling on deaf ears as some might say, somehow reflected the thoughts going through Jenny’s head.

Late. She was late. Ten minutes after arriving and patiently waiting at the agreed rendezvous? About to accept he had been a fool to think such a bella would be interested in the likes of him.

Turning to sit on the Vespa, starting the engine when he felt hands on his shoulders. Sliding across the seat to sit behind him, her hands around his waist.

‘Sono tutto tuo amante.” ♥

Thank you, Monica (Belucci)    



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