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"I love it, when you come to visit, but am glad when you leave, because you have that way that is uniquely you, of making someone feel as though they're in
the middle of a raging sea,
a storm .

You are that storm expressed through all the rage, the passion the fury ...
sometimes vibrant, delightfully expressive, entertaining - BUT
equally at times, can leave me feeling tired and exhausted;

Coming up for air, within all that is the storm raging around me.. ?
Yet for all that is sensed, is felt, is YOU,
in its wake, it can never be denied;  you remain, special..


Sometimes my days, when you're not here, it can feel like I am cast afloat
on a sea in a boat, no wind, becalmed.

days when I think upon the storm..

how I miss the rage, the fury.. 

YOU" .


© Jess Corbin - Jess Corbin Associates 


“Writer, poet, musician.”

Welcome to the worlds of Jess Corbin.


Jess Corbin main web pages


Jess Corbin inspired by page link


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Jess Corbin

Jess Corbin -
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