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“Extra ice.”

“I could do with some sun screen.” Sarah moved to lay, face downwards, as he flipped the lid and squeezed some of the liquid into the palm of his hand. Gently rubbing some into her shoulders. His fingers across her skin, sliding with the coolness of the milky white beneath them.

“Uck, you always had a way with your fingers.” He grinned as he continued, stopped to squirt some more onto her shoulder before again, using his fingers to rub it in. “How long have you got this time.” “Two days, before I fly into Seoul, South Korea. Promo there.” “I see, once again you don’t ask me if I would like to go.”

“The last time I mentioned it, you growled at me, too much work on and too many bookings at the moment, to even consider taking time off, bar this week.” “Which you knew about and still, I only get two days of your time.” “Oh come on! I only knew last Monday!

You know as well as I do, we have work obligations, weeks in advance. Not my fault if you don’t talk to me! WEEKS ago on this and I might have been able to take the whole week, instead of.” He paused for a few second to growl. “Three days with you.”

“I bet that bitch Elaine doesn’t have to beg for some of your time.” “Don’t even go there. She’s in Los Angeles and NO! She’s NOT going with me to Seoul. When will you get it into your head, its work, nothing else.” “Oh a bit like me then.” Torens found himself grinning. She was always, bloody hard work.

A male with a tray moved towards them. “Ah great. Yes Tony. I’ll have a large glass of Coca cola with ice.”
Sarah stirred to shift looking at Tony. “Rum with vanilla and ice.” “ Forget that Tony, this time of the day she’ll have the same as I’m having. Coca cola and ice.”

Sarah slumped back down. Tony retreated to fetch the drinks. “We’ve dinner with Andrew and Dawn on their Yacht tonight. Try not to get pissed.” His hands were on her lower back. “Uck you. If that didn’t feel so dammed good I’d give you a slap! Lower!” “Is Dees joining you.” “Bridget and Sam are flying out, will be here the day you fly to China.”

Tony had returned with the drinks. “Room 72 Tony.” Sarah watched as he placed the drink next to her face and the straws as she moved to drink. “Bloody hell that is needed. She shifted to sit up. Tony smiles puts Torens drink onto the table. Walks off.
Torens was stood putting cream onto her front. Working his fingers across the shoulders and down.

No one around as she reached to the front and released the ties. “Damm I’ve missed these.” He leans down gently flips his tongue across the nipples. “B’stard! You, can stop that right now!
Unless, you want those hereabouts, to enjoy a free porn movie!” A smirk forming across his lips?
“Uck, forget I even said that !”

He leaned in to kiss her on the lips. Soft gentle and lingering. Steps back. “ Reminds me, all the time why, I constantly miss you.” She stands, shoves him down onto the bench. Across him. Sliding down, down, her hand shifting to move material to one side, tucked beneath her. A soft moan as she slumps back. Moves slowly, shifting forwards, back slightly, more soft moaning before leaning across him, so he can give the objects of his affection, some attention.

More movement, a gradual rise in pitch of her voice. Stuttering, muttering as she leans closer to him in his ear. What he loved to hear from her. Coarse to the point of deliciously obscene. “I’ve missed you so ucking much.” More moaning, louder, louder until she collapses against him. He moves, his hands gripping, turning her so she is now on her knees. Definitely a case of ‘Actions speak louder than words’ !

The beads of sweat across his forehead, down his skin across his chest and her back. Glistening against the sun screen. Heat protection? This was a raging furnace out of control?
Ah here we are, luckily something ‘to hand’, to put this fire out.

Voices? Seconds before faces appear.
Both of them sat, a towel quickly grabbed, flung over ‘them’, the bikini top slung by her side.

A male and a female. The male smiles as they pass.
The female glances at her. “You won’t get a tan, with that towel draped across you! An it is a nice day for it.”
They walk on, as Torens falls about laughing.

She slaps at him, the towel slips “B’stard!
You can finish putting cream on them.” She grabs the bottle off him.
“On second thoughts I’ll do it, I think my knees, are sore enough! “

Torens leans in to give her a kiss. Steps back to pick the camera off the table, as she reaches for her bikini top, fastens it into place. Grabs at her drink, sips at it, watching him.

Grabbing the camera off him, she stares at the screen. “You ucking perv!” He is laughing so much he has to sit down. She leans in close as she tucks the camera into her bag. “I think, an action replay is on, for later tonight, after a quick viewing, to see if I could have improved, on my audition.”

Her hand moved, the palm of it, brushes across his front, fingers squeeze. “If Jack is up for some auditioning.” She giggles, taking her hand away. “You know what they say where Jack is concerned, all work an no play.”

“That’s bloody unfair. now, I have to go all day, with the thought of that. She slumped back, the screech of air through the straw as she grins. Stops hands him the glass. Grabs at his drink, now sipping at it.

“When you fetch your drink I’ll have my rum and vanilla, or the only auditioning on Jack’s part will be a hands on tutorial!” More giggling as he shakes his head, goes to fetch the drinks. Stops to lean in, give her a kiss, slides his hand down and beneath the material, fingers against the soft skin of her thigh, seeking out that little tuft of pink to play on it, as she moans.

Several seconds pass before he kisses her again, steps back, that lingering sensation of him removing his fingers, as she swears at him. “You teasing b’stard.”

He’s laughing, heading off to fetch the drinks. “One rum and vanilla with ice.” He pauses. “Extra ice.”


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