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“So what did you think you were going to be.”
“As famous as Britney Spears.’ Why was there a smirk on her face. Laura; that was the bitches name. One could say, she was indelibly etched on Sarah’s brain to the point, she wanted to take her outside and give her a good kicking. Lucky for Laura, her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Susan and Jo.

“Gotta love the place.” Susan smiled as Jo asked Sarah what she would like to drink. ‘Rum ? ‘ “Well you are in Barbados.” He moved to order drinks as Susan went to speak to Rachel. Rachel was sat with Laura laughing?..
”You’ve not been ucking winding her up again.” Laura started to grin.”Bloody has been. You should have heard her the other night chatting some of the guys up. ‘I’m going to be famous. Even got a dance track written for a movie.”

“Yeah what was with that?” “Oh some lot in Birmingham. I had a listen on Steph’s computer last night. Sounds real amateur.. Not many site visitors. As for her main site?.Crap design. Just a few pics not much else. Oh and as for the modelling.

What’s with the iPAD? Anyone would think no one else had one, could afford one. Stuck up cow.“ Her voice tailed off as Sarah and Jo moved towards them to sit. Jo put the tray with the drinks onto the table.”So what are you lot smiling about.?” Not for long, there was a distinct scowl from Rachel.

“He’s ucking done it again Sue. Knows I don’t like ucking coke with my rum.” “Sorry Sis. Forgot.” “Yeah and where’s my uckin ice.” The male approaching them had a bucket of ice in his hands.”Thanks Reg.” He leaned over and scooping up some of the ice slipped it into her glass.

”Anyone else?” Sue and Laura both helped themselves as Sue now dropped one of the cubes into the middle of Jo’s tee letting it slide down. He was cursing. She was in hysterics.
Sarah was quiet. Watching them fooling around. Almost half her age? Well OK, Rachel was in her thirties but the others? Twenties.

She felt old. Still a few drinks would sort out how she felt. Laura waved to two males who stepped into the bar.
Diesel and Raj. They waved back, grinned. Raj used his hands to ask Rachel if she wanted a drink. She lifted her glass pointed to it. He knew what she liked. Seconds later they were ordering drinks.

“Uck, you see whose with them? Spec she’ll end up pissed like last night?.” Sarah caught a glimse of Raj staring at her, turning away talking to Diesel. She liked Diesel, she did not like Raj; he had been mouthing off at her, after she had thrown up, missing his feet by inches. Thinking she couldn’t hear him, as he had called her a ‘pissed up waste of space’? Collapsing onto the bed, they had left her to her lot.

“Well I’m ucking not seeing her back to her place again. Can’t we make excuses and?” His voice tailed off as Rachel approached them.”No good trying to hide what you’re saying or thinking. Laura’s not happy she’s ucking lumped herself with us again.”

“She’s been here a week on her own?” Rachel grinned as Raj interrupted him.”Is that any ucking surprise? Did you see how she got to be a right bitch to Soph?” “Why Soph made excuses and headed off with Tony.We’ll try and get rid of her.”
“I think we’ll wait until she goes to the bog and then leg it. That new club?”

Ten minutes later, sure enough Sarah headed off to have a pee. A much needed one. Seconds after she had gone they legged it. Laughing hysterically. ”Cmon Diesel.” Laura had grabbed him and was pulling at him as they left.
Sarah returned minutes later to find them gone. She sat down picked up her drink sipped at it. Reflecting on things. Not the first time in her life she had been in this moment in time. Alone.

In the corner sat opposite her; an older couple. In their late forties, early fifties? He was looking at her, smiling. His partner was fussing over him. Not for long. Two others, male and female joined them. Friends.
Sarah’s eyelids felt heavy. The heat and sunbathing earlier? Dry. Shifting her shades she placed them on the table in front of her. Another swig of rum. Hadn’t eaten so it was beginning to make her feel drunk.

Ray and Mikey were talking to Reg. Looking over at her, she waved at them. They turned and left. After the other night at the barbecue on the beach? She thought they had liked being with her, they didn’t wave back.
“I thought she was somebody the way she kept boasting the other night.” Ray was laughing.”Till I took a look at her website. Ucking amateur or what. A kid could do better. Uck me, come to think of it, YOU could do better than that.” Now Mikey started to laugh.

If Thomas had been the reason Sarah had come out to Barbados? The moment he had met her at the airport, Thomas had realized that she was older than she had made herself out to be. OK, so he had enjoyed a night or two savoring the pleasures but was soon off, fading away; with some of the younger girls who had arrived days later. Sarah was not to see him again for the rest of the holiday.

Another swig and a refill. Sat down watching the couples coming and going. Inner rage building up, or regret? Toren’s. Why did she hate him so much. Feel so much fury when she thought about him and yet; love?  Stuck at the airport waiting for departure? Glancing at the newspaper, flicking through the pages but not really taking any notice of the contents. Looking forward to Barbados and Thomas.

Leon his brother had taken time out with her. She had seen Thomas go off with two girls leaving her alone with Leon. Taken out her rage on him after a few drinks, loud mouthed and drunk. He had got the full brunt of that rage and a few home truths about Thomas from her. He had grinned but was glad to see the back of her. The ones who got drunk and slept it off? Fine. The ones like her who got mouthy and aggressive? Best avoided.

Why did he sense she was missing something? Well other than another drink and some more abuse. Then she had opened up to him. All he could hear was about HIM. Torens! Yes that was the guys name, Torens. Oh boy did he get the full on bitch from hell routine with what she was calling him and the way she was telling Leon why she wanted to kill the b’stard.

Sobbing. She had broken down sobbing. The next day when he saw her she had said nothing, looked away and acting as though HE, HIM, whoever he was never existed. Couldn’t care less about the b’stard. On refleciton if the guy, Torens or whoever he was knew that she felt that way, he might actually feel relieved.


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