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Goldilocks and the three bears.

“I don’t why you both, have so much rage between you! It seems endless. I spoke to her on the phone.
When I mentioned your name that was it. Even I, have never heard such foul language!” Torens grinned.
He knew why Sarah was enraged. Troy and Danny. Ah yes, those two thorns in her side.
Always playing practical jokes, sometimes pushing their luck? The words ‘Life threatening’ might spring to mind.

This time however, their activities against Sarah had been in part, due to him. If he had thought those two could have kept him out of any suspicion on her part, he should, he realized, have known better!
“What?!” Demands Patrice, “Have those two been up to?”

“Her pantomime costume.” Patrice started to grin. “Goldilocks and the three bears?”
Well her as Goldilocks! “ The costume itself was an outer costume that was supposed to be tugged at, whereupon it would reveal her, well Goldilocks who looks prim an proper as was, now revealed in a skimpier, sexier costume. To wolf whistles and cheers from the audience? Certainly first night went very well!

Troy and Danny? Getting hold of that outer garment, the dress and its sections? They kind of had it stitched in certain places and tagged with a two part resin which was applied to the velcro snaps to be found in various places. Sarah would slip into the dress, be snapped together at the back and dance on stage.

2nd night?

Sarah was in her changing room with Bridget. “Now that Bridge is what being a Professional is all about!
Taking on the various parts of the fairy tales panto especially the Goldilocks bit and working your audience! “
“Well I could not stop laughing Sars when you did the Snow White scene.!”
“No I still think the three bears scene is the best for showing me as a true Professional.”

(Scene 3 : Goldilocks and the three bears. She has made herself comfortable and the bears have returned.)

“Ere! Someone has eaten my porridge!” Growls papa bear. Junior bear looks into his pot and howls
“Mama someone has been at my porridge, the bowl is empty!” Mama bears steps over to them, glares at them and growls. “Shut up the pair of you, I haven’t made it yet!”

Onto the bedroom scene, peering around the door to see! Goldilocks! Brushing her hair in front of the mirror! “Do you mind!” Screams Mama bear rushing into the room. “Only.” Replies Goldilocks. “If I get paid for it!” Mama bear ignores her. “You’re leaving hair everywhere! “ Goldilocks stops brushing her hair, stands up and sees Junior bear who she immediately grabs at and hugs.

“Are we keeping her Mama, please..” Murmurs Junior bear. Mama bear glares at Goldilocks, the Gucci bag, the expensive shoes. “The’re Gucci arn’t they?” Goldilocks nods. “I do love expensive things.” Mama bear orders her to put Junior bear down! “Mama can we please keep her!” Pleads Junior again. “Not bloody likely.” Mutters Mama bear. “Not on my housekeeping!”

Goldilocks gently puts Junior down, next to his mother. Standing in the door way flexing his muscles from pumping iron? is the biggest dam bear she has ever seen! “Oh my you are a big bear! Blimey! When you stand in the doorway with the sun at the back of you, they must think and eclipse is happening! “ Papa bear makes it clear to the audience that he is NOT amused by that remark! Flexes his muscles again!

He moves towards her, to grab at her, as she rushes past him and dances onto center stage! Papa bear approaches and tugs at her dress? Which of course is supposed to fall apart? Revealing the very skimpy Goldilocks! “What the hell!” Minutes pass.

More tugging! Now, frantically pulling at it. The audience now starting to laugh? No!
That is not, going to give way at any time soon! Papa bear, it seems, has found things ‘unbearable’!

One loud and I mean LOUD ripping sound, as he tears off the dress. I mean Papa bear has the muscles and grip to do it! Hmm, uh well actually EVERYTHING she is wearing, well almost! Topside down! Abreast of things is an understatement!

“You bloody idiot! Now look what you’ve done!” Goldilocks with one hand trying to pull up her dress to cover her rather exposed appendage is slapping out at Papa bear.

You can imagine the howls from the audience. Including of course? Troy and Danny almost falling off their seats, laughing so much! “Hell she had us in stitches.” Troy looks at Torens and then at Danny.

“No! You mean we had HER in stitches!”


Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

Jess Corbin inspired by page link


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