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Thanks to my creator, for life, love and the gift of being able to write.

To #HER a truth that cannot be denied.   Sometimes LOVE NEVER dies.    #HIM

Thankyou to Dolce & Gabbana for the inspiration.
an echo of all that is passion, a love; the one.

Jess Corbin

Born in the land of legends as we sayMao of Cornwall in the UK

Discover the worlds of Jess Corbin and

You WILL uncover the legend.

“The rage, the fury of the storm , the sound of rain slapped against the window or the roar of the waves crashing against the rocks to the peaceful tranquility of a bubbling brook or a ripple in a stream.

The seasons, from the cold beauty of winter as Snowdrops push their way through from the darkness to the cold light of day.. So symbolic of the truth that anything with effort and determination is possible?Daffodils

To the first shades of spring and the immortal words of Tennyson ‘I saw a host of golden daffodils..’ Imagine as a boy actually in real life seeing what Tennyson had visualized so potently in his poetry?
A carpet of daffodils or blue bells bobbing their heads the blue in such vivid contrast to that field of yellow and orange trumpets?

Summer and the messing about in boats springs to mind. From an inboard motor to an outboard or simply oars and the splish splash as they slice into the surface of the water. Swimming with friends, a necessity if they are to use boats!

The laid back on a towel taking in the sun, you know that strange orb in the sky that appears from time to time that some of us these days seldom see or peers through what seems like never ending cloud?! Yet still those flowers. My favorite primroses their distinctive yellow petaled flower resting on a crinkled green, almost velvet to the touch, leaf.

Yet all around the countryside, the clifftop bristling with wild flowers as Andy puts so well ‘
Quilts of ulex, daboecia, potentilla and calluna tumbled over the edge of the cliffs high above the sea ..’ Clifftop flowers Cornwall
Beneath them the swell of the white surf and contrast of green tinged blue water above them the cackle of the seagulls ..

Autumn with the leaves as they drift to ground.. the tints, hues all shapes and sizes from oak to chestnut to beech to... the past catching up with the present as in life.

A reminder to remember the good, the bad and the indifferent moments in our lives but always to know that come the Spring, life is reborn anew.

We love the fall for the forests that showcase such a rich display of contrast and color.

How the words of Dylan Thomas reflect upon the bareness of the trees that follows, leaves scattered around their colors fighting to the last like a dying breath ‘Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. “

“A truly gifted, passionate, creative, diverse and often intuitive writer.”

All of the passion, the beauty of the written word captured for all eternity tingling like silk upon the tongue giving rise to us knowing, feeling, sensing as he pens his prose;
Jess Corbin ?

“A truly gifted, passionate, creative, diverse and often intuitive writer.” discover

 the one - intense - desire

the lightning within the STORM she created; where it all began.. leaving our

emotions, feelings, senses; all of them in disarray..

The immortal words he penned that left HER fuming knowing she could do nothing to stop those words for all eternity echoing upon his lips with his final breath..

No matter what you say or DO, you’ll NEVER stop me loving you.

A life and death testament to the power of that which is so potent, so BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful in all of its essence, its sense, its perfume; the truth that however much we may seek to deny it..

Sometimes LOVE NEVER dies



You can find out more on where Jess Corbin was born

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Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

Jess Corbin inspired by page link


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