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The evening had started with a meal at their self catering apartment. Two daughters who Sarah adored!
So cute, and funny at the same time ! Georgy had laughed. "You can have them !
When you get back, give us a call to collect em ! " "Mum !!!! " Tania hugged her mother.
"See ! No way you could do that to us mum !"

She smiled at Sarah. "Not that we wouldn't like you as our mum ! " "Arn't they adorable !"
Bryan grinned. Moving to pour the coffee. "Even the baby sitter, Regina. thinks they are !
I tried to palm them off on her, no such luck. She says to me. "Hush woman ! Not right to say such things when they are here in front of us ! She leans in, tells them to put their hands over their ears, adding,
'Your mama love you' I swear when I returned later she was still disgusted with me ! "

"Yes, have you noticed they're very family orientated here.
Bryan I think, is right. Regina may have her principles but her heart is in the right place !
Talking of which. Georgy looked at her watch. "Bed girls ! "

Bryan had sat down. Sarah was sat comfortably on the sofa. Georgy had gone to make sure the girls were cleaning their teeth, changing and bed ! "Your tribute act is really good. Well impressed.
We all had a good time the other evening." "Always a pleasure to hear that !
We do work really hard to get it right. I'll pass your compliments on to the others."
"I hear you were not originally picked for the venue ? "

"No! Tony phoned me, he's a booking agent, screaming about the act that had been booked.
How THEY had canceled at the last minute. Mind you, in all honesty I needed the break."
"Yes the economic situation is a bit of a cliff hanger at the moment !
I work for Dryden Marsh the civil engineers, you know house surveys and such.
Not much work at the moment in the housing market ! More business than housing but ..

I have a job offer with more money in Dubai so am thinking of taking that up.
Not so sure Georgy will want that but we will have to wait and see. No one wants to be in the situation of having little or no money, let alone a roof over their head.I want a good life for my kids, what father doesn't ?
Cept these days, staying on course is becoming a minefield. "

"He's not boring you Sarah is he ! He can get on his soap box when he wants to ! " Georgy grinned.
"Regina is going to baby sit for us, for a couple of hours, we thought we would take a trip out along the coast
A spot that Bryan and I know is beautiful, overlooking the sea, watch the sunset !

Regina's brother is a taxi driver, will take us out there, leave us and pick us up an hour later."
" Near a spot where we proposed !" "Romantic ! " Bryan smiled, leaned in gave her a kiss.
"I would not want to be any other way, especially where you are concerned!"
“Well every girl wants a bit of romance ! Finding the right one is the problem Sarah!

if the words don’t mean a thing, move on, if they do ?
OMG ! Catch your breath girl, cos a guy with words, that will melt your heart ?
Even after you put up a fight give him flak, make it real mean with him and HE’s STILL THERE ?
Is worth hanging onto girl cos you know when he says he loves you, he does !! “

There was a knock at the door. Regina!
"Right grab your shawl girl ! Let's go ! " Thirty minutes later, they were sat overlooking the sea.
The sun. a disc of orange and white creamy streaks, slowly descending from the heavens to spread the glimmer of orange hues across the shiny streaks of sea. "Excuse us Sarah. we are going to go to our special spot, we won't be long ! Back in about ten minutes ! "

Sarah watched them, as they walked off, with his arm around her.
A couple. Him, her. Lovers. She sat back and looked out over the shimmering sun on the water.
So much, so much over the last few months. No, the last few years.
Why did seeing them so happy, make her feel so lost ? So empty inside, so sad?

Toren's ! She hated him, she loved him, she cursed him, she wanted him. Wanted HIS arm around her. Holding her, telling her how much he loved her. Why when he did, did she feel he was telling the truth ? Simplistic honesty ! It was her own. hot headed stubborn streak, that caused the silence between them. She moved to stand, feeling the white long robed dress slide across her thighs.

That same unforgettable sensation, of his lips on them. Tingling with her senses on fire.
His fingers gently sliding her blonde locks of hair from across her face, feeling them as they slid down to stop against her. Lower, until she knew, the moment he rested his hand, against her waist, she was HIS !
Sliding the top she wore up, to slip his hand against her flesh.
His lips on her flesh, kissing it, as his tongue lashed at her, moving up and up.

Her nipples reacting to the touch of his tongue across them. THAT penetrating sensation that streamed across her, hammered deep into her senses. Both nipples where he was concerned getting equal attention.
Rock hard, responding to his every whim. Her head thrown back, as he shifted.
His hands moving to grip, to slide.

Locked in the moment, the sensation across her thighs, his hand along the side of them, the palm shoved against it, engaging them, sliding them downwards, for her to kick them off. His head downwards and now she knew the moment his lips touched that she was totally at his mercy.
Ripple after ripple across her, flooding every nerve ending, every axon of her being.

His body against hers, the gentle brush of lips against lips.
Feeling the movement, skin against skin. Hot, sweaty, clammy, her pulse racing, her head swimming, raw and primitive. He loved to hear her scream, obscenities, close to him, in his ears, the louder the better as with each touch of skin against skin, demanding and merciless, he brought her to total absolute Euphoria.

She rested for a minute. caught her breath, moved her hand, wiped
it against the slip she wore beneath her dress. Her fingers now dry.

The fading light of the sun, across her, reflected against the white, in scattered colors across the creases, to match her mood. Across her face, her eyes , across her lips that he loved to see pout, to lightly caress with his lips.. In her eyes, tears misting them.. Missing him.

Love. She understood when he had said, being away from her how she haunted his dreams, invaded his senses.
Here now she felt HE was part of her, deep inside, taking up the space where her heart had once been.
TO know, when he had gone, her heart ?
he had taken it with him.

'All over the world ..
others have sat, like me tonight...
watching the sun's fading light..

I want you to know, wherever you are, that I,

still love you so..’


Jess Corbin main web pages

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