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“They’re filming her vid in some of the top Ibiza clubs, spending a weekend getting the full on music video completed. Looks like he’s spending a lot of money Sars ! Jeez you peed him off ! “
Sarah poured herself a drink, she reckoned she needed it ! “Maybe if you kind of said sorry ? Apologized ? “

“Not an ucking chance ! If you think I’m going to apologize to that wanker, you can think again ! “ “But you were in the wrong Sars ! “ “So ? ! “ Bridget stepped away from her. “Go on, leave ! Everyone else is ! “
“You know all the time I’ve known you Sars I’ve never known you so arrogant, so ucked up!
Maybe they’ve every reason to be jumping ship? Sort yourself out Sars ! “

Toren’s was talking on the phone, the door to his office flew open and in stepped Sarah.
The first time in a long time since they had last met ? Fury ? Rage ? “You b’stard ! “
“Do come in, take a seat ! “ She had no intention of sitting down ! “I’ll phone you back Steve. “
He put the phone onto the charging unit sat down. She moved towards his desk.

“So you think you’re going to take the Rose, just walk in, take it ? Uck you ! Mark ? Matt ?
You can have them ! “ Matt ? Toren’s knew nothing and told her so, regarding Matt ?! Who the hell was Matt ?
The drummer ? Ah, oh ! No he wasn’t or hadn’t any intentions, of taking her drummer off her, though she suspected there was a smirk on his face, at the news that he had walked off, left her. !

Not my fault, if you have other distractions, like your Britney tributes ? Taking up your time other than working with your artiste, what’s her name ? Natasha ? I gather Cerise, is none too happy, about the amount of time you give ‘Tash’ and how little time, she gets, yet is supposedly YOUR artiste aswell? “

“I’ll tell you now, whatever happens I WILL have the Rose, so carry on playing your games !” “How long has it been? Over 15 years as a performer and look at yourself now?! Where you’ve always been NOWHERE !
All the spiel, about being Europe’s No1, star attraction, a crap album and little else to show for over 15 years touring the clubs including Futueventura Spain, NOT Ibiza NOT Aya Napa, boasting how good you are and still as rank amateur, as you ever were.

That’s without adding in your age, your crap YouTube videos and total lack of any real style let alone decent web pages or number of fans ! How many was it on Twitter ? !0 ?
How many bought your album ? Still trying even though you won’t accept you’re a has been.
A relic from over fifteen years of pretending to be a pop star that should have been left back in the past. !

You’re nowhere, going nowhere and you, have the nerve to call me a wanker ?! A stalker? What was that an attempt to get more people sitting up, taking notice ? OOH I must be famous I have my own stalker! Get a life !
You’re so up your own **s it must be difficult cleaning your teeth ! “

Toren’s had stood up moved towards the door, opening it. “Get out ! “ She had said nothing listening to his rant. Boiling up inside the rage ? The nerves he had touched on, exposed, raw, sensitive? She hated him for some of his truth and yet, for not being kind to her ? Hating the feelings coming back again to haunt her.

He felt her fist hit home, along the jaw line, sending him reeling. Full force of her fist striking home with? She felt, a lot of satisfaction on her part ! All that rage released?! It felt good, real good! He stumbled, fell against the wall as she struck again, this time he was sent sprawling back !

“Uck you ! “ She hissed it with all the venom of a fully raised Cobra about to strike home !
Suddenly she stepped forwards as he stood up, caught his balance wondering if she was going to hit him again ?
Leaning in close her lips next to his? Their eyes on each other, sadness? Regret? Love?

A kiss ? Soft lingering, gentle. She pulls back, storms out slamming the door behind her. Toren’s moving to sit down. Shaken? Not, from the blow she had struck. Cursing, feeling the rage, knowing with that kiss all the emotions in his body, coming to the fore ? Dammit, he loved her. Now he knew, she knew it. That she knew for him would be his weakness.

“Damm can she punch ! “ He shook his head, rubbed his jaw. Nothing broken but thankfully she had missed his nose ! A smile? So she had remembered how good it felt ? Perhaps the weakness was NOT all his re that kiss ?

Frank had been listening, to Bridget. She had been bending his ear over Sarah for the last ten minutes. He had been reading his emails, grunting every now and then, to give the impression that he was listening to her ! Moving closer to him, she stared at him. Stopped talking. “What have I just said ? “ He looks up from the computer. Closing his emails to slump back in his chair.

“You’ve got to have words with her Frank, you’re the only one she listens to ! “ “Alright, alright ! Give her a message, that I want to see her ! “ With that, Bridget left, resigned to the possibility, that Sarah might, MIGHT! Just take heed of what wisdom Frank might impart? She liked Frank. He was a good boss and he had that knack of being able to turn things round. Sarah needed a break, a miracle more like but ? Maybe, just maybe Frank might have a few answers ?

Sarah had gotten the message some ten minutes later. Bridget had not hung around to listen to her response.
Minutes later she was sat in front of Frank whilst he poured her a coffee. “I gather the weekend was not so good ? “ He was soon to know her version of events! Toren’s had told him, about her visit, so he knew she had slugged him!
That she conveniently left out of the conversation !

“I hear you went to see Torens ? “ Sarah realised he must know ! Had it been Bridget who had told him ?
“Torens phoned me to tell you he’s not pressing charges for assault, though he would have reason to ! Stupid Sarah, really stupid ! Violence however rmuch you wanted to smack him, isn’t the answer ! You don’t think before you act ! Criminal charges for assault won’t help you or your career ! “

“Bstard had it coming ! “ “I can’t believe you two, have such fury, between you !
At odds ! You for your stupidity in the first place, with those posts on Facebook, which I should add WAS, your responsibility! Like so many of you on Facebook or Twitter, who think its ok to rubbish someone and not have to take the consequences for your actions? “


Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

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