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Sarah’s film debut.    (part 1)

“Well she does, watch ‘Gotta be Haunted . “

“Don’t you believe in ghosts?” “Come on . OOH there’s a noise, did you hear that . Was that someone knocking . ” Editor to audio engineers. “Add in a noise there, slamming door there and OOOH blood on that door to match the history our psychic googled earlier. “ “OMG . Frank you can be such a cynic . “

“Cmon . It’s like reality shows . Pre filmed and contrived scripts . Slap him here and you scream there . Do this, do that, 1,2, 3 go . “ He was laughing so much, he almost spilt his coffee . He put his mug onto the table and sat back .

“Course, this studio is pretty old . Toren’s is even older . I heard an executioner had dwellings there . You know, the one who executed prisoners, highwaymen or Tobymen by chopping their heads off . Preferred and cheaper, than hanging them. “

“You’re kidding . “ “Wouldn’t stay there late if I was you, I don’t think I’d like to meet that guy. Axe and all that is . I hear he was a large individual . “ Swan was sipping her drink her eyes fixed on him, he wondered what was going through her mind. She put her cup down.

“You Frank are incorrigible. Good thing I am NOT afraid of ghosts . “
“Talking of television and reality shows, well not quite reality tv but .

Are you aware that Sarah, did some TV work on an advert, centered around Shakespeare’s Misummer Nights Dream? “

Indeed Sarah had gone along to an agency who had arranged for her to go and attend a shoot for an ad. They were cagey about what the ad was for but luckily Sarah did not ask.

It was she was told, for a very much in demand product. She was convinced, asked no more questions, plus the money was good . She could plug her new album on set. Mixing with the producers et?

Dressing in an expensive outfit, one had, to look the part of a professional actress
you know . Some top end shades, she glanced in the mirror adjusted them. Turning to step out and into the street locking the door behind her she made her way to the car and drove to the studio.

The only place available in the visitor parking area, was the far side, and a good 2 minute walk to the main building . There were however spare parking spots for staff close to the building ?

Thus her car ended up, in some producer’s parking spot ? Well she was pushed for time Spending the time in front of the mirror to adjust her shades, had seen to that .

The producer arrived some minutes later, to see the car parked in HIS space. Making a note of the number, and on arriving in reception, he gave the girl his car keys, told her to find out WHOSE car it was and tell em to bloody well shift it.

Then park his car, in the correct spot. Sarah had been told to wait by the girl on reception, who seemed pre occupied with looking through a list of those who had cars, none of the numbers matched, suddenly it struck her that the female in front of her might have a car, one hitherto unregistered and thus?

“Are you the owner of .” The girl looked at her almost glaring, somwhat irate? Sarah realized it was her car. “Well you have to come with me and shift it.“
“But I’m due to be selected for ..” “Come on . “

Minutes later Sarah had moved the car, returning to step into the main building, had she missed whoever was supposed to meet them; from casting? No one around.
The girl on reception was busy parking the producer’s car.

Moving through some double doors into a corridor that led to another open area in front of her a desk, similar to the one in reception.

The grey haired, almost balding old codger stood reading a newspaper clutched tightly in his hands. He was stood by a mop and bucket unknown by her, left by the cleaner who incidentally, had gone for a coffee break.

“I say. “ Sarah tried to sound as posh as she could. “Oy, you . Which studio are they filming the midsummer scene in ? “

He looked at her, stood there in those ridiculous clothes that made her look older and with little or no fashion sense, as his wife, a former model; would have told her. All the time talking down to him, peering though, those ludicrous shades .

Not getting an answer something she kind of expected from this old fart,
raising her voice, this time with a bit more aggression in her voice. Demanding?

“Well . I’m talking to you. I am an actress you know . Have some respect . “
He pointed towards the studio door. Said nothing, folded his paper tucking it under his arm and walked off. The cleaner who was a young man in his thirties had returned.

He glanced at the other older male leaving. Turned back, to hear Sarah hiss under her breath. “That’s the trouble with hired help these days. The older ones are the worst.”
Stepping towards the studio Sarah did not see the man pick up the mop and start to wash the floor.

Seconds later, Sarah was stood with several other females and two, no illusions in her opinion about it; gorgeous guys. She smiled at them, made sure she stood so she could get their attention ?
Removed her shades and wiped them before replacing them. Posing all the time.

“Ere who the uck do you think you are making eyes at my bloke, bitch .
Who the hell did you get your dress sense from . Your grandmother?. “



Jess Corbin main web pages

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