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Corfu (part 2)

“Don’t ask! “ She watched as he turned moved to take the rope in and start the engine. Minutes later and they were headed out to sea. Something else she had not known about him! “Boats? Since I was a child with in and outboard motors. The motors on this are BMW, really reliable!”

About forty minutes later they were anchored off the coast, the town a speck in the distance. Laid out on the top of the cabin area. Sun bathing? Well almost! With wine? Chilled and smooth to the taste! This was not your cheap vino!

“So how did you know I would be here? “ Toren’s grinned. “ Remember Steven Dobbs? Who booked you for this? “ She nodded. “He told me how hard you had worked to get this and how Lisa almost snatched if from you! Well until he realized who you were and how special you are to me. I decided no way was he giving it to Lisa!

I knew you needed the vacation!” He started to laugh. “Vacation! B’stard! Been hard work! Two shows a night six days a week and bugger all to show for it! “ She was not short on telling him, how they had had to replace some of the gear, after it had been mislaid en-route to them! It arrived four weeks later!

Sarah liked the locals. They had rallied to help them acquire new hand made costumes that would serve their purpose. They had treated them to a free show at a local festival to thank them.

“So where have you been?” “USA and the Caribbean. Quite like the Caribbean, always was a fan of
Bob Marley.” “Well I’d love to live there but somehow I don’t ever see that happening! “ He pours her some more wine, smiles.“That’s the problem my Diva with you!

Don’t you remember that song from South Pacific? He started, much to her amusement to sing.
“If you don’t have a dream? How you gonna have a dream come true ? “
He stopped, sipped his wine. “See, it doesn’t matter IF it comes true or not! I’d sooner have a dream than kick through life like some do with no dreams, no aspirations, nothing in their lives to look forward to.

Most of the time turning dreams into reality, takes work, planning, effort, sacrifices. I can be bothered because when I think on my dreams I think on YOU, on US and what could be. That drives me on. Fuels me.
You’re not telling me you’d prefer where you live in the UK to the Caribbean?! “

“What a stupid question! Of course I’d love to live there! Just don’t see it happening! “ She paused sipped her wine. Placed her glass down shifted closer to him. “I will say you however, have surprised me.

Time after time, with things in my life, that others seldom have. The balloon trip! The day at the race track when you had me take several laps in that sports car, the ultimate moment when I drove it round the circuit! OR

The day we took the Jet Skis out ! I was the novice and you ended up in the water with me having to
rescue you! Now that was a day to remember! “ She started to laugh!

“Well who was it when we went Skiing at Aspen ended up head over heels in the snow! HEAD that is, ass in the air!” Toren’s started laughing almost spilling his wine. “NOW that was funny. Dammit I love you girl! “

She picked up her glass of wine. sipped the cool wine. Looked at him, said nothing for a few seconds.
“Our home in the Caribbean? Oh and the small matter of our home being built?” He nodded.
“ With a decent sound studio?” “ Of course!” “ I say dream on.. “ She shifted closer to him.
“BUT! Mind if I share the dream with you?”

The soft swaying of the boat. The hands that gripped the rail as his body moved against hers.
The first time she had made love on a boat? NO! But here now? In this cruiser. With him? Nothing compared to any other time in her life like it. Felt like it, made her tingle, her senses buzz. Palm trees, soft white sands, green blue sea and the love of her life?

Why can’t this moment last forever more? This was, so could IT? BE more than just a dream?


Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

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