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The Dancer.

The nightclub was busy. Danny had been with Troy and several of their friends from the local University. Some of the girls were part of a dance team. "Think he will show?" Troy nodded. "What about Louise and Sarah?"
"I think the hints we left them will have them here. Too much for them to ignore. Curiosity!" "Lise!" Troy turned to see her and several other females.

"You better not be wasting our time boy!" She grins, moves closer to Troy, kisses him whilst her hand runs along the front. "Hmm, I can feel you're pleased to see me!"

"Will you two bloodywell cut it out!" Sandra was not, into all the lovey dovey romantic rubbish. As for Mandy? "So you reckon this guy is worth us being here?" "Look you've got your finals coming up and all of you tense as hell. Thought you'd like some fun and this guy IS FUN!"

"Oh, he's more than that! Question is girls can you keep up with him!" It was Suzanne with her boyfriend Alan in tow. He grins. "This club looks forward every Saturday night to that guy turning up! Takes the floor and the crowd goes wild! One weekend he didn't show and that showed how much we love the guy! We missed him! He's awesome!"

"You going?" Bridget looked at Sarah. "Weird invite but yes, we could do with a break from the normal place we go to." Louise had glanced at the invite. Pamela too had seen it. "Well?"

"Think we could round up some of the girls? if this guy is as good as they say he is? It also says to expect competition from the local University dance team headed by someone called Mandy." "You seen him?" Lyndsey shook her head. She glanced at her watch. Ten O'clock. True he didn't always turn in before 10pm.

DJ 'MooMoo' as he was known, was stood with Kiki his girl who helped him out on the maiin podium to the side of the massive dance floor. They had no clue as to who the 'Dancer' was. Cept he was bloody incredible. A professional? What they did know, was the numbers of those who attended the club had risen to an almost full dance floor every Saturday since.

The music scene was changing. To a more radical heavier style of dance tracks. The lighting and other effects had become complex and yet controlled by Kiki with her amazing skills, at programming new arrangements she carefully labeled and used when he played certain songs.

Coupled with the sound to light systems? The end result was mesmerising. She had noticed a new buzz about Moo. Since the 'Dancer' had made his appearance. He was different. More enthused, engaged.

"Sarah!" She scowled on seeing Danny, as for Troy? On their own they were OK, together they plagued her. The arrival of Louise with some of her friends AND she noted, dancers from her teams that she promoted?

All would become clear, as Mandy shoved past Troy to look at Louise. "I know you. you run those dance teams." She looked over to where the girls were sat, took Louise over and introduced them to her. Louise thought it fair to do likewise and soon all of them were sat talking and laughing.

Twenty minutes had passed and looking over the gantry to the dance floor below, Troy and Danny with girlfriends were watching a performance put on for the clubbers by the two dance teams.

"Difficult to say who's best! That Mandy can sure strut her stuff! Jeez can she move that body of hers!" "Oy you!" He felt a kick from his sister Jane. "Lise wouldn't like to hear you say
that!" "Whoa are they in for a shock!"

The lights dimmed, shimmered as they spun flashing a white fluorescent draped across the dance floor. Below Louise and the others including Mandy wondered what was about to happen? The music died back to be replaced by the thumping beats of..

From the edge of the dance floor coming towards Louise, Mandy and the rest of the girls, regular clubbers moving aside to the edges of the dance floor, with those on the edge screaming? Cheering?

Several females wearing distinct silver white all in one bodysuits with masks. They formed two lines, straight to the center of the dance floor with a gap in the middle? Broke the circle formed by the other girls. The music thumping out the vocals, as the words echoed.

‘'You're not alone.' ....

A mesmerising masterpiece of remixed club track. In the middle of the two rows the
'Dancer.' Now being played? The words reverberated, echoed, echoed repeatedly

'Its just a matter of time, time, time ... you'll be just fine, fine, fine...
take my words with you..... I'll wait until the end of time for you.'

When it went into another round of 'You're not alone' Moo lowered the volume slightly as the regular clubbers replaced the words their voices above the track with the words

'We're not alone..' echoing as before it went back up to normal volume.
The lights went out. complete darkness? In the background the song continued..

'See how our love has grown, you're not alone.
'Wait till the end of time for you..'

The flood of the tubes and ultra violet light streamed, flashed as now they saw him in full.

On his knees in the middle of them all. A white silver masquerade mask, beautifully ornate and decorated with eye and lip slots, covering his face? The suit he wore was pure white with silver trim just like his escorts. It had some inbuilt tech that reacted to Kiki's lighting and she knew exactly how to maximise its tech in full.

The $25,000 state of the art suit, she knew that if he activated the remote sensors to allow HER control? All she needed was the dongle to allow her access.. Yanis passed Kiki the device, that she now plugged into her main lighting controller.

The light on the unit went from red to green. Channel number 7 displayed on the unit now locked in by her main console. Good to go! She glanced in the 'Dancer's' direction, gave a thumbs up.

The suit illuminated by the blinding light, he danced. Accompanied by the girls in white, his escorts.. Spectacular! Louise and Mandy had seen plenty of male dancers, their females, top dancers but this guy?

As the evening continued into the early hours of the morning, no one could get near him to find our anything about him, he was mobbed constantly by the clubbers. The ones who were regulars were not going to see their 'Dancer' taken over by these intruders!

The bouncers removed any signs of trouble or interference from drunks. Moved in removed them, threw them out. No one but on one came near the guy cept to dance! It would be some time later when the 'Dancer' broke into the midst of Louise and Mandy's crowd.

Thump. thump. thump of Mr Vain? Uhh?

An updated remix that had the clubbers going crazy. The first chance they. had had to match his dance skills? Mandy was determined to get his attention! She stepped up to the challenge and could she ever!

"Go girl!" Hisses Jane as they watch her steal the show as HIS partner. NO ONE Troy could remember had EVER got this close to the 'Dancer'. "So are you telling me, NO one knows who this guy is?" "Well if they do they're keeping their lips sealed!"

The lights dimmed, flickered as the song by Olive replayed but a different version, a slower version? Mandy in his arms. A slow close encounter.

"You're not alone, I'll wait until the end of time for you...'

Several minutes passed, loving the moment. A soft kiss, lips on lips, locked in the moment. Never wanting it to end? "You're not alone.." She shouts it in his ear.

"I'll wait to the end of time.. for you."

Suddenly he broke from her. Kiki and Moo immediately changed the tempo, reverberating to a full on former dance track version of the song, as the girls who had formed the original rows and gap now took to the dance floor breaking up the dancers and clubbers, as the lights dimmed and the full on flare of the Ultra Violet tubes kicked in he bowed!

He turned and danced his way along the gap to the exit. The girls following.. they and the 'Dancer' had gone!

"You're not alone, I'll wait until the end of time for you...'

Mandy was determined to make sure, that was not, the last time she would see him!

BUT WHO, was the 'Dancer' ?


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