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Sarah’s film debut (part 2)

Sarah stepped back, the female making it clear she should. The standoff had been watched by the woman in charge of wardrobe. “That one” The elderly balding gent, pointed at Sarah, unseen by her of course. “Puck ! “ The woman stared at Sarah and back at him. “Uhh Puck played by a female?”
“Just do it. Get her out those ridiculous clothes and those ludicrous shades .”

She stared at the costume. The other females present, were trying hard not to snigger.
“Just do it or we’ll have a refund plus an extra charge for wasting our time, let’s not forget ‘breach of contract!” The woman had made sure, Sarah had no choice, the producer had made it clear
‘She does it or she’s out of here and you can take her place. ‘

So there she was, now on set, dressed as a donkey, one could evisage the scene of Sarah making a
‘complete ass’ of herself, not that the girl from earlier, thought on her part, that was too difficult!
In front of the camera ?

To think she had told all of her friends about this. Her role as an up and coming actress! In a top commercial ! Even the time and date of its screening and on what channel ?
Still at least they couldn’t see HER face, in that costume, with that enormous donkey’s head.
She would have it hidden..

If it came to anyone asking questions she could make out she hadn’t done the ad.

Meanwhile on set? The producer was determined to have his sweet and it sure was, sweet revenge.
“Will you bloody well sound like a jackass ! Not some pathetic mule ! “ The producer kept shouting at her. “OK Stop filming, cut! As forYOU remove your donkeys head. “

Turning he whispers to the camera guy Logan “Keep filming! “ Logan knew what he meant as Sarah removed the head. Somewhat shocked to clearly see this old balding git in front of her, the realization dawning on her that he was the producer ?

“Now get it right ! Stop wasting our time ! While you have the head off, lets hear you get it right !
This 5ft something blonde flaying hair, standing there, trying to be as loud as she could ?

Finally she brayed like a donkey.” Put some EFFORT into it. Louder!” He screams as she does it again.
“HEEE AWWWWW HEEE AWWW!” “OK put the head back on, keep the volume up, just like that.
OK everyone scene 7 “ At last she heard the words she wanted desperately to hear.
“Ok everyone that’s a wrap ! “

Sarah tore off to the changing room. “You got that ? “ Logan grinned pointed at the image on the monitor. The scene played out of her practising ! “Our own collection ? “
“Oh definitely! Damm good publicity and for nothing ! “ He turned away hissed under his breath.
‘That’ll teach that stuck up bitch, to be so dammed rude, let alone park in my, parking space. “

As Sarah entered the changing room the girls let out a screech. “HEEEEAAAAAWWWWWW”
The girl leaving with a bag under her arm sniggering and with the other girl who could no longer contain herself as she fell about laughing. “Shite that was the best com yet.”

Ah time, how the years pass and the VHS tape that had entertained so many lies gathering dust until one day, taken off the shelf and converted to digital Logan had decided to post it on Youtube? The response was staggering, it went as we would say ‘viral’ in hours the figures rising to thousands. Thus.

It would be a couple of years later. Sarah noticed amongst the latest top Youtube hits was something that looked all too familiar. A terrifying flash back from the past? Edited and highlighted, there it was, in all it’s glory. HER, screaming out the HEEEEEAAWWWWW with the head removed ?

She looked so young back then, none of the wrinkles, she had now, especially around her double chin? Underneath, a row of comments. “Jeez imagine that in bed, where would you start the top or the bottom?‘
‘Hey everyone Tigger is missing ‘ Plus others ‘See the ass on that!” “So realistic,Wonder if she does Donkey rides. “ “Hey this one would feel at home on Blackpool beach! “

The arrival of one of her students had her leaving. She turned the monitor off, headed out and did not see Danny, as she moved along the corridor to the studio, go into her office, to check her computer.
Clicking the monitor on it was still on the original web page she had been browsing.

Ahh YouTube A donkey’s head, a video? Curiosity got the better of him as he played it.
A broad grin, as he watched it, spread across his lips. Oh my ... he mutters; gotta let Frank see this.
Unknown to him, Frank and others had already found the video. Patrice was explaining to them what the video was about.

“IT was centered around Shakespeare’s Midsummers Nights Dream ?
She played the one with a donkey’s head. Nice woodland scene. The ad was for laxatives.“
It finished with the donkey waving the packet of laxatives ‘Traspax’
Frank peered at the screen watched the ad come to its conclusion !

‘If it’s good enough for our donkey it’s good enough for your..’ That was it! he shook his head, what followed the YOUR ? “I mean I just didn’t get it! “ He paused, sipped his coffee, looked at her.
“Sorry Pat if I was somewhat confused, what the hell, does the ‘donkey’ have to do with laxatives?”

Swan was laughing mainly because of the look on Frank’s face. “It’s kind of cryptic, but funny. A play on words. “ She started to laugh, straightened herself up and grinned at him. Patrice too had a smirk on her face. The sight of Sarah holding that donkey’s head and screeching out the HEEEAWWW still pictured in her mind.

“You’ve never seen it performed on stage or screen ? “ Frank shakes his head.
Swan is still laughing, hardly able to contain herself, she hisses at him, telling him WHY, the donkey is somewhat relevant. Bottom is spotted by Puck, who (taking his name to be another word for a jackass) transforms his head, into that of a donkey.

Got it? Puck = Jackass, donkey called Bottom ?!! “
Frank still looked vague. “For goodness sake Frank. ‘If it’s good enough for our donkey, it’s good enough for your bottom! “

It might have taken a few seconds, you could almost see the whirr whirr click click
going on inside his head. Finally Frank replacing the word bottom with the
word ‘ass’.” Fell about laughing.

Danny had now arrived in Franks office, about to tell them what he had found, only to discover rather eerily, that they, were talking about the same ad, CEPT it was
not the revised revamped version.

He played it for them to watch, in its entirety ?
The sight of Sarah, with that donkeys head in her hand and that loud, well as loud as she could yell it. “HEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!” Danny was laughing so much, he almost fell off the chair !

Seconds later, Danny tore out of Frank’s office, headed into the corridor, falling about laughing catching his shoulder, on the wall, to growl. Followed by more laughter. It disturbed Sarah, who peered out, to see Danny in hysterics, even moreso, when he saw her. She could not get a sensible word out of him as he continued past her.

Sarah had made her way to Frank’s office, to find out why, he had sent Cerise over to Toren’s. When she opened the office door, Frank was sat on the couch, tears down his cheeks, laughing so much. Almost immediately, when he saw her, he stopped laughing.

Not that she, had ANY idea of what he was almost in hysterics about!
Swan excusing herself to go and talk to Aly, wasn’t going to spill the beans either, though she too,
was finding it harder, to stop laughing, especially, after seeing Sarah.

Someone she thought, probably the producer, of that ad, must have had a laugh at your expense Sarah, Bottom was a male in the original play! Frank let out a HEE HAWW as she got to the door.!
Swan stumbled into the corridor to fall about laughing, tears streaming down her face.

The look on Sarah’s face. Total humiliation? Danny. She felt a rage building up inside her, somehow her being trashed had to do with him. She cursed as she realized she had not exited the web page she had been browsing and guess who had gone to run a security scan on her computer after she had left?

She would bide her time, he would not be laughing at her again, after what she had planned, the word ‘laxatives’ on her lips..


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