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‘Cathy’, if you had met her you would know just how determined she was.
Every parents ideal child? Perfection, in every sense of the word?
Lets face it, she was from the age of 7 a gifted child where music was concerned?
A born natural, as my old man would have said?

Trouble was, how clever, was to prove a testing time for her amongst her fellow ‘pupils’.
hey tended to eye her, with I suspect, some disapproval and even sometimes dismay? “
She had as some might have said, an attention deficit disorder, SHE always had to be the center of attention! ALWAYS the one, trying to organize them! Singing wise that was?
Music wise not too much competition there, she could play the piano much better than anyone else!

Well OK maybe the music teacher was the exception?
But that bossy nature of hers, that demanding perfection amongst even the 7 and 8 year olds that they were at that time, proved frustrating to her, when she simply didn’t get the response, love and affection she deemed due to her.
Alright, old man Jones, the music teacher took a shine to her and her talents!
School assembly, with her; playing on the piano or singing? Solo of course!

The necessary desire, to be in the school concerts, lead roles in plays!
Yep Cathy was already centre stage. BUT it was dammed irritating to those not so gifted! Janet, was not so musical, her dulcet tones were directed at some abuse, often aided by friends Louise and Megan, towards Cathy. That didn’t come across other than bullying the music nerd!

Kids are not nice when they’re at school an that’s, a fact.
More problems and Cathy was again. center of attention. for all the wrong reasons and not in fairness her fault? Tom was her brother and he was in Senior year?

When Cathy went to, what is now known as the Academy? He had problems with attending school, truancy was second nature? YET he had a passion for CRICKET!
Damm was he good at batting! On the local team for the town, but it did not help her, him being there, no real help at all. If she got ignored then it was more from him than his mates. Lucas, Martin and Boney as he was known, Brad.

Brad was a teachers nightmare, had to be up to something and mostly illegal!
Not just smoking but smoking weed or into his favorite pastime, vandalism!
If you are thinking ANTI SOCIAL, then Brad was it!

Brad had a liking for Cathy, her brother made clear to Brad, it was not, of his liking and that if he wished to keep hold of his assets, he would be wise, not to be having any adolescent thoughts, on what he’d like to share with her?!

That socially unacceptable trait in Brad spilled over. to contaminate the others, which is where Cathy. ended up, getting even more flak from others? Particularly, of the female variety!

The lovely, adorable, lush Brad and her brother, were bad enough. What they got up to and the way they treated, some of the female fraternity, was in line with their idea, of how a female should be treated.

As an object? Close! Sex object? Part of that contributed to the incident, that left Cathy with a group of females who, as they couldn’t take it out on her brother, took out their rage on her! Not just physical but verbal abuse. Social networking! They aspired to spread rumors about her that were, frankly outrageous.

Bordering on malevolent? However and in no way, what they were doing do I condone as being anything but vindictive, Cathy did on occasion warrant their attention and their despising her. She had an underlying streak that was deceitful, as said she was constantly, where classes were concerned and teachers especially of the music variety, could be found.

She lied, cheated and did everything to put others in their place, humiliation?
Making them feel inadequate? No way, she made that clear, were they as good as she was!
As for those who tried to play by the rules?

Discovering her deceptions and how it affected their role in school plays or similar, re musical events? It left a bitter aftertaste! That sense of being cheated, used? So they resorted to getting some revenge.

Three years of that regular as clockwork one might say, bullying in various forms including relieving her of any money or personal possessions they thought they would acquire at her expense. Lying in wait for her?

To be continued



Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

Jess Corbin inspired by page link


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