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1theoneDESIREDesire is not to be put on show; it is to be kept hidden like a precious jewel, until the moment its splendor shines.
 It’s the moment that has the power to change everything.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire evokes a mysterious world of light and shadows, of temptation and seduction. An intimate, personal sphere in which each woman decides on whom to lay her gaze, a place where the line between instinct and desire is faded and blurred.

“Fallen Rose the one intense DESIRE is set aboard a cruise ship with a huge complement of crew, passengers not forgetting that bunch of tribute artistes, hence why there is such a mish mash of storylines that intersect, you can expect anything goes and is it assault and battery or simply down to batteries ? ! Ultimately certain revelations will highlight an undelying truth that reveals itself to show that moment; secrecy, secrets, passion, love, a strength to overcome the impossible? or a desire to seize the moment?!

 It’s the moment that has the power to change everything.

Take a load of tribute artistes from George Michael to Madonna to Lady Gaga to Kylie, Queen and and ... not forgetting that dammed ventriloquist !

Aboard a luxury cruise liner in the Bahamas?

All of them trying out for a lucrative contract. When its down to playing fair? Who said FAIR!
Anything goes to secure that contract!

A whole boatload of laughs. Tear jerker moments, all the fury, rage and passion of the Caribbean storm.. as that singer of over 15 years with 1,000 plus gigs ends up taking on the challenge of her life.


1STORMFish_1OH MY! Sarah has actually got herself what she has always dreamed of..

Out for revenge and determined to get some head. HERS!
Can Torens get to HER before the killer does?

Cmon and join Sarah as she cruises!

Never going to be anything less than huge fun to write and oh yes.. there’s so much going on amongst the artistes let alone the crew and passengers!
Two passengers will be making their mark, and as for that stowaway?

No pugwash here thank you ! Its all ‘hands on deck’ and backs to the wall lads’ for some of this lot !

Welcome aboard for, as Sarah will tell you; the cruise of a lifetime with HER and co to keep you entertained,

1st CLASS all the way!

Throw Sarah to the sharks.. uhh hang on..

where ARE the sharks !


Jess Corbin main web pages

Jess Corbin TWITTER timeline link

Jess Corbin inspired by page link


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